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DarkWest | Substance Designer Textures - PÔLE 3D

DarkWest is a Tactical - RPG set in a mixed universe between Western and DarkFantasy.
Three Texas Rangers have the order to defend the population from bloody creatures.
This is a Master School Project for PÔLE 3D, we were 9 on the project and worked for 8 months on it.

I was Texture Artist on the project so I realized different materials for the terrain/buildings and characters.
I would have liked to take more time on each texture to have a better result, but I couldn't with the amount of work I got !

Team :

Dugué Arthur : Lead Developer | Creative Director
Verhelle Pierre : Project Manager | VFX Artist | Game Designer

Delannoy Julien : Texture Artist| Environment Artist
Playoust Maxime : Art Director | Environment Artist | UI Artist
Zirotti Eloise : Concept Artist | Character Artist | Animator
Rozenthal Emile : Character Artist | Rigger| Animator

Brasseur Clément : Game Designer | Level Designer | Narrative Designer
Marion Guillaume : Game Designer | UX Designer | Level Designer
Flament Corentin : Game Designer | Q&A

In-Game Render

In-Game Render